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MFLS is a health and yoga lifestyle brand that is creating positive content for your body and mind to live your very own beautiful and special love story every single day.

MFLS is a concept that connects body, mind and soul to inhabit your days fully awakened. Being healthy inside and out will make you live a strong, balanced and graceful life cherishing every moment of it. The power of Yoga-fitness will make you strong and at the same time focused and conscious, a nutritious plant-based lifestyle will make you vital and energetic and a clear mind will keep your heart open for your dreams and fearless to follow them.


We want to inspire you to become the best version of yourself by finding out who you are, what you want and just living out what you love. 

MFLS is a community of life loving people, that celebrate every day and try to make their best to make every day the most beautiful of their life. Its a movement of like minded people taking care of their body & soul. 

#WITHLOVE Carlos & Jacqui ♥



Meet the team


Fashion designer, health lover and yoga enthusiast. 

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Certified yoga teacher, dedicated business man and health lover. 

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