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Atha Yoga Anushasanam!

Our Yoga is modern, body-focused, young, fun, dynamic, powerful and meditative at the same time. 


We believe that body and mind are in unity. Both have to be treated with great care. This is why we exercise our body in the traditions of body culture with up to date approaches. The philosophy we build around our Yoga is totally applicable for everyday life though we all do our jobs and care loads of responsibilities in the outside world.


Yoga means to bind. And this is what we do together while we practice: We squat between the outside world and our inside innermost truth. By time we will feel and understand that both worlds are born from the same source and fit together in the most perfect way - "as above, so below". The squat will become your Samasthiti, your same stand, your peaceful balance.

We practice Vinyasa, Power and Flow.

Our Yoga will teach you to live your beauty and find your Guru. We smile, laugh and carry the sparks in our eyes. 

My favourite Love Story is the Story of Love to Yourself. 

Join it!

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