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How all this Yoga happened to me

It started long time ago, before I even had the slightest idea...

Yoga is a mindset. It's a way of living. Do I have to give up the life I always had and become a drop-out living in the woods? There is uncountable ways to live Yoga. May-be you already started? May-be you call it differently?

So what happened to me? In my mid twenties, while I was studying economics, my body gave me hints: I developed hay fever and had back pain because of a disk problem. Though I went running a lot, I ended up with 90kg. It was actually the body weight that made me really work out in a studio and do some changes in nutrition. But red eyes, running nose and back pain stayed though it got slightly better. Someone told me about detox, someone else about fungus in the intestines. I tried it all out. I read loads of books about nutrition, quantum physics, ancient philosophy... And really, after some time I got rid of my body health problems. At the same time my mind got clearer and I started to ask different questions. I was very sure about the world and the system before I started to question everything. As if my body was carrying so much dirt, my thoughts were blocked or guided or led in some way - but not my way.

All this was in progress for several years. Step by step, with no rush and by trial and error, certain foots lost importance in my life until they were completely gone. Then it was about the quality of what I ate. Later I considered carefully what I would put on my skin or use to clean. Suddenly I started to take care of myself. We need this body to experience life. So we better treat him well - if we want a good life. Sure, the cheat is still there, if I feel for it...

“As if my body was carrying so much dirt, my thoughts were blocked.”

Some moment then I was taken to a Yoga class in London. I wouldn't have gone on my own. But I was open and a little bit curious. Some work-out focused Hot Power Yoga was on offer. I booked a 14 days trial and went (nearly) every day. My body changed. I learned to feel it. I really understood the idea of action and consequence. I developed more respect for myself - and others.

Yoga since then still is the logic consequence for the ongoing change of my mindset. Funny enough I am not living in the woods. Though I look at trees with different eyes.

So what is Yoga for me?

To connect with the innermost truth that is always ready to be discovered.

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