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JN LLOVET - Custom-made leather jackets

These statement leather jackets are one of a kind and will never want you to wear anything else again. Via an online configurator you have the possibility to create your personal piece, applying different statements, add-ons and patches.

“JN LLOVET is for every fashion loving girl that is wild at heart, free in will and not afraid to make a statement.”

You can only love those exceptional leather jackets of our co-founder and designer Jacqueline Llovet Garcia. The jackets are loud, colorful and individual. The best thing is that you can create your very own personal jacket that no-one else has. You have the possibility to place your life quote onto the back of the jacket or add little images like hearts, stars or palm trees. If you like it a bit more bohemian style you have also the choice to add some gypsy inspired details.

You can play around in their only configurator and see which design will suit your inner you best.

All jackets are handmade in a small family run factory in Europe. The fit is amazing and the leather super soft.

Check out the website:

Follow JN LLOVET on Instagram: @jnbyjnllovet

If you are Hamburg based visit us at MFLS and design your personal jacket at the design bar in our MFLS concept store.

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